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A Daily Yoga Schedule !!
A good blend of Asanas, Pranayamas, Yoganidra and meditation would be ideal for a holistic benefit which can bring physical as well as mental and emotional balance and harmony in the functioning of our body and mind. 30 mins of asanas, 15 mins for pranayamas, 10-15 mins for yoganidra and meditation would be a good[…]
Beware of dangers in yoga practices!
In the last few years yoga has seen a momentous growth in its popularity. People are getting more attracted towards yoga practices, it has reached to everybody’s door step from metropolitan cities to small villages; people have turned towards yoga, seeking good health and happiness. People are practicing yoga watching TV channels, reading books and[…]

Shanti Mantras

Shanti Mantras
SHANTI PATH (IN THE BEGINNING) ऊं सहना ववतुसहनौ भुनक्तुसहविर्यम् करवावहेतेजस्विना वधीतम् अस्तुमा विद विशावहैऊं शांति शांति शांतिOm Shaha naa bhavatu Saha nau bhunaktu Saha veeryam Karavaavahai Tejasiv naa vadhee/amastu Maa Vidivishaa Vahai Om Shantih Shantih shantih Meaning :Pray God to protect us both (Guru & disciple/students) Nourish us both together Let us gather strength together[…]
Corporate yoga for happiness at work place!
We live in a very stressful world and have been reminded over and over that too much tension can lead to chronic illnesses and abuse. Instead of immediately turning to drugs instead learn a simple techniques of yoga and Meditation. Corporate yoga program helps participants experience happiness at work place. The program guides in preventing[…]