22 Feb

Rosewater is probably one skincare product that needs no introduction! We all have witnessed our grandmothers and mothers using it for their faces and even mixing it with other ingredients for their favourite daily masks and scrubs to reap the wonderful benefits of rose water. It is safe to say that rose water is one of the first few skincare products that we all began our skincare journey with.

What makes rose water so special?
The secret to Cleopatra’s beautiful skin, Rosewater makes a perfect facial mist to tone, replenish and nourish the skin. Rich in terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, it is known to naturally support cell regeneration, maintain skin’s suppleness, balance sebum production and improve skin texture. The antioxidants in rose water help protect the skin against damage and its anti-inflammatory properties help calm and soothe irritated skin.

What are the benefits of Rose Water on Face?
There are a myriad benefit that one can reap by the use of rose water on the face and body. Here, we have listed some of them:

Helps soothe skin inflammation:
owing to its anti-inflammatory properties rose water helps reduce inflammation and soothe itchy and irritated skin. It can also help provide relief from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Helps reduce puffiness:
If you tend to often wake up with puffiness on your face, especially your eyes, spritz some rose water regularly for a few weeks and it will work its magic by reducing the puffiness.

Antibacterial and antiseptic properties:
rose water possesses natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help keep skin irritations and acne at bay.

Helps reduce redness:
if you are someone with sensitive skin, rose water is undoubtedly your best friend. It helps in immediately calming down the skin and reduces redness due to reactions or sun damage.

Ph balance:
rose water helps balance the skin’s ideal pH level and helps avoid skin rashes and acne.

Hydrates and refreshes the skin:
rose water is great to instantly refresh your skin and also enables the moisturizer to absorb well.

Anti-aging properties:
owing to its rich antioxidant content, rose water helps slow down the process of aging of the skin.

Acts as a hair mist/tonic:
rose water helps regulate the scalp while restoring the natural shine of the strands. It also conditions and moisturizes the scalp.

How is Rose Water used?

Use of Rose Water on face:
use rose water post-cleansing twice a day. You may also use it in between to instantly refresh and calm your skin. Rosewater can also be used to remove everyday makeup.

Use of Rose Water on Eyes:
close your eyes and spritz some rose water directly. It will help relax the muscles and take away all the tiredness.

Use of Rose Water on Hair:
rose water can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the scalp. Just spritz it directly onto the scalp and gently massage it in. Follow up with your favourite hair oil.

Use Rose Water on the body:
directly spritz it onto your hands and legs to instantly refresh the skin.

Use of Rose Water for face masks and scrubs:
rose water is a great medium to activate our powder masks/scrubs and make a smooth paste.