Therapy Yoga Teacher Training Course (April 2019) NCR/Delhi, India 

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Therapy Yoga Teacher Training Course Module  II (Spring 2018)- Delhi/NCR completed successfully 


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 75 Hours Therapy Yoga Teacher Training Course (Module One) completed successfully – Nainital in Himalaya

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“Spinal Disorders Management Retreat”



Venue: SWAN Yoga Retreat, Goa, India

We are proud to announce a very special Yoga Retreat which focuses on ailments related to the Spine. The 10 day yoga retreat which will focus on problems related with spine viz. cervical Spondylosis, back pain, slipped disc/herniated disc or sciatica, the retreat is open for participation from people suffering from the slipped disc and sciatica who have been facing theses conditions recently or have a long history of suffering for many years, apart from group sessions each participant will be given individual time with the teacher(expert) for developing a special program which is just suitable for the individual considering the condition of the problem. Daily sessions will include practice of specific Asanas (physical exercises), Pranayamas (breath control), Meditation which is specifically designed for spinal problems and Deep Relaxation techniques. The food will be vegetarian, simple but tasteful to accentuate the effects of the practices.

Millions of people world over have been suffering from various kind of spine related ailments whether it is a cervical Spondylosis, back pain, slipped disc/herniated disc or sciatica.

A slipped disc, or bulging or herniated disc, is a condition where the discs that cushion the spinal column bulge out from between the vertebrae, and compress the nerves that exit the spinal column. The most common symptom is pain or numbness, usually in the lower back and radiating down one or both legs. Slipped discs are most common in the lower back because the lumbar spine is very mobile and supports the weight of the upper body.

Many doctors and surgeons say that Herniated Disc cannot be completely cured since the liquid has poured out of the cushion. However, it has been practically observed and subject to your scrutiny also that by doing regular yoga exercises flow or nutrition to disc is improved and pain due to pressing of nerve is reduced and vanished.

There is ample evidence available world over to support this fact that Yoga Helps, and especially in the cases where modern medical sciences seems to have very limited treatments to offer except surgery. In this particular retreat which will be led by Master Shivachiitam, a highly reputed Yoga Teacher who has been working on individuals suffering from problems related with spine, he in his career spanning over fifteen years has cured more than 500 people from around the world, people from various backgrounds from sports professionals to housewives, IT professionals, industrialists, film stars etc.

Long term slipped disc sufferers frequently come to surgery for removal of the troublesome disc and permanent fusion of the vertebral joint. Whenever two bone surfaces are permanently opposed to one another they quickly fuse together so that all movement ceases. The surgeon induces this process willfully by removing the damaged disc and obliterating the intervening joint contents. This procedure which renders the spine permanently stiff and unable to bend nevertheless provides welcome relief after many years of suffering. Yoga, however offers an effective and far simpler way out of this painful predicament.

The Yoga program which will be offered during this retreat has been found to restore disc health and prevent recurrences of both slipped disc and sciatica. The Yoga asanas strengthens the posterior ligaments and muscles that hold the damaged disc in place, and promote the circulation of pranic energy to the whole region. They should be practiced each day so that spinal stability and function can be restored and a full range of activities can be re-adopted. In this way surgical intervention usually proves unnecessary.

There is a full recovery possible in most cases of slipped disc, sciatica, cervical spondolysis, or any other spine and back related problems and prevent recurrences of them when yoga program is followed diligently.


We would need the detailed medical history of the person before registering them for the program, preferablyMRI scan of the affected area and need to fill up a questionnaire, which would help us give the person individual attention even in the group session as all the cases are unique in its own way.

For more information about the unique yogic method of curing the spinal disorders and to read the testimonial of the people who have benefitted by the therapy work done by Sannyasi Shivachittam, you may please visit the following link. 


Price & Inclusions:

Budget Cottage (Row Rooms with private Bathrooms)
INR 55000 per person on double sharing basis.
INR 95000 per person on single occupancy.

Regular Cottage (Private Cottage with private Bathroom & sit – out area)
INR 70000 per person on double sharing basis.
INR 125000 per person on single occupancy.

Deluxe Cottage (Best View Cottage with private Bathroom & sit – out area)
INR 85000 per person on double sharing basis.
INR 145000 per person on single occupancy.

The above price includes:
All meals (Herb
al Tea, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – Ayurvedic/Vegetarian buffet style).
All Yoga Sessions (unless mentioned otherwise).
Free wi-fi.
Government tax (currently 10%) would be extra.
For booking, you are kindly requested to make 30% advance deposit (bank transfer or by credit card) and the rest of the money can be upon arrival at Swan.

Kindly find below our bank details:

Anandabodh Stress Management & Yoga Research (P) Ltd.
Current A/C No.006505003265
Icici Bank Ltd.  C-17, C-Block Market, VasantVihar Branch, New Delhi-110057

Airport transfer:
Airport transfers to SWAN Yoga Retreat can be arranged for the cost Rs. 1500 (0700-2000) / Rs.2000 (2000-0700) each way. If you choose to be picked up from the airport we would like to have your arrival details ideally 2 days before the arrival.