A Daily Yoga Schedule !!

A Daily Yoga Schedule !!

22 Sep

A good blend of Asanas, Pranayamas, Yoganidra and meditation would be ideal for a holistic benefit which can bring physical as well as mental and emotional balance and harmony in the functioning of our body and mind.

30 mins of asanas, 15 mins for pranayamas, 10-15 mins for yoganidra and meditation would be a good mix.

Pawanmuktasana-I (Joint Series): few major joints every day like knees,hips,elbows,shoulders and neck joint practices. Beginners can do full series every day to open the joints and muscles from tightness and stiffness.

Pawanmuktasana-II (Digestive series): two-three practices everyday

Pawanmuktasana-III (Energy blocked series): one-two practices

Forward Bending: one practice every day

Vajrasana Series: one-two practices every day

Backward Bending: one-two practices everyday

Spinal twist: one practice everyday

Standing postures: one-two practices everyday

Inverted asanas: one everyday

Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation): 5-10rds ; begin with 2 or 3, gradually increase the number over a period of weeks until doing 12 rounds.

Shavasana – 5mins

Yogic Breathing- 7-11 rounds

Kapalbhati x 5rds (20 strokes/rd); begin with 10 strokes/rd

Nadi Shodhana –II (Alternate Breathing) x 7-11rds (1:1 ratio)

Sheetali (cooling breath) x 10rds

Seetkari (hissing breath) x 10rds

Humming bee(Bhramari) x 7-10rds

Any three pranayamas as per the personal need and requirements.

A short yoganidra- 10mins every day and practicing full yoganidra minimum twice a week with the Cds.

Breath Awareness: this concentration should be done at least once daily- 10 to 20mins and Ajapajapa meditation twice a week with the Cds.

Using the Breath Awareness technique as often as you can during the day will gradually increase your ability to stay calm and relaxed.

Neti : twice-thrice a week; kunjal : every fortnight; shankhaprakhshalana: once a month

This schedule is only a guide. Evolve your own schedule. The key is to be consistent!!!